The Crocodile in the Sea of Tears: The Mechanics of Sadness

Dialogue between Jess and MomJess, all of six years and three full quarters, explaining the mechanics of sadness
"Mom, did you know that there's a sea of tears?" "Really? I didn't know that." "Yes, it's true. You know there's a sea of tears inside me and there lives a crocodile there. He's always watching out, waiting to eat my heart!" "Oh!" "Yes. And you know, my heart lives in a tall tower above that sea, but when I am sad, it starts feeling all wobbly and then it starts falling towards the sea of tears. The sadder I am, the faster it drops into the Sea of Tears. And when it falls in, the tears overflow and fall down my face and I cannot stop crying. Sometimes, when I am really sad, and my hear hurts, it's actually the crocodile who's gnawing at heart! It hurts a lot!" "Oh dear! That sounds very painful!" "It is!" I hug her at this point, hoping that that crocodile doesn't get to g…

Laugh some more

I like
Enjoying a good laugh,
Laughing at the twists and turns
And folks who try to rile me.
'Cos try as they may
They cannot get under my skin
Or wipe away my smile.
God's too kind
And He shared the joke with me
So I laugh,
And enjoy a good laugh
At life.

Our forever song

If you were a kitten, I would be your mama cat, And I would teach you to climb trees, And chase birds and mice
If you were a tiger cub, I would be your mama tiger And together we'd hunt And roll in the sun after
If you were a baby bear, I would be your mama bear And I'd teach you to look for honey And catch fish in the stream
And if you were a baby dragon, I would be your mama dragon And I'd teach you to spew fire And together we'd fly in the skies
And I wish that Forever I'd be your mommy; I'd love you for ever and ever, My baby human, forever.