This blog is a collaboration between me and my daughter, Jessica Langlen Aribam (Jess). We bring to you a collection of our musings, stories, poems and a glimpse into our world. We hope you will enjoy your visit.


Jess (Jessica Langlen Aribam)

Jess, all of 6 years and 3 full quarters, loves stories, poems, faeries, magic, all colors in the spectrum, and superheroes. Born to Meitei parents and living in India, she dreams of seeing the Aurora Borealis in person.

Tani (Thangjam Hindustani Devi)

Tani. Jess's mom. Originally from Imphal, Manipur, and currently living in Delhi. Foodie, public transport enthusiast, loves to write, sketch and garden (not necessarily in that order). 


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